Your Story Matters

Sheena Gershom   |   May 26, 2023 

Reading has always been my favourite pastime. It's evolved from adventure and mystery novels (Enid Blyton and Nancy Drew anyone?) to non-fiction books that address spiritual topics. Over the past couple of years though, I’ve found a new favourite genre – memoirs.

Celebrity memoirs are all the rage nowadays because they provide readers with an inside look at the people they’ve followed from afar. Actors, politicians, royals, influencers . . . they’ve all jumped on the memoir train and their books remain on bestseller lists for weeks.

I’ve never been one to follow a lot of pop culture, so it’s the memoirs in the Christian publishing domain that have caught my eye. I’m amazed at how much information and inspiration we can glean from a person’s memoir. It is their most vulnerable work, and they literally share the deepest parts of themselves.

When I read Philip Yancey’s memoir, “Where the Light Fell” sometime last year, it was eye-opening. I’ve read quite a few of his books but reading his memoir gave me a deeper understanding of where he comes from, the wounds he carried over decades, and the redemptive work of God in his life.

Recently I read Beth Moore’s memoir, “All My Knotted-Up Life.” While it’s a candid account of her complicated family background, marital struggles, and the ups and downs of her ministry, it also focuses on the God who’s led her this far and continues to heal and guide her every step of the way.

Both these authors have different backstories and cater to a diverse audience through their ministries. But they each felt the need to share their story – the good, the bad, and the ugly – to glorify God and inspire readers.

I don’t think they would’ve particularly like to dredge up their past and put it out there for the world to read. But now that they’ve done it, it’s amazing to see their stories resonate with so many readers and kindle hope in thousands of lives.

Memoirs give us hope that others out there have survived family crises, mental health issues, trauma, and abuse – and thrived by the grace of God. Their stories are tangible testaments of God's redeeming power.

The truth is that our stories matter. There may be parts of it that are too dark and too personal to share. But if God nudges us, perhaps it's time to go ahead and get it out there.

The beauty of telling our stories is that the glory always goes to God. It’s admitting that it wasn’t our wisdom or strength that carried us through our darkest years, but His. When we lay the focus on God, it shows others how He has been the constant through the variables of our lives – an anchor through multiple storms.

Don’t hesitate to share what God has done in your life. You don’t have to write a memoir (unless you want to), but you can always share parts of your story with a friend, in a safe small group fellowship, or to encourage someone you’re mentoring.

Whether it’s the tiniest answered prayer, or an out-of-the-world miracle, if it will inspire someone else or help them know they’re not alone . . . it’s time to tell your story. There’s no shame when Christ has already paid the price for your past. Your story matters and it will surely be a blessing to many.

Have there been parts of your story that you’ve been hesitant to speak or write about? Ask God to show you what He wants you to do with it and give you opportunities to share it with someone who needs to hear it.


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Sheena lives in Bangalore with her husband and triplet sons. When she gets a moment's peace, she enjoys journaling, reading, and listening to podcasts. She sporadically documents real-life stories and lessons she's learning from God's Word at

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4 comments on “Your Story Matters”

  1. Thank you. God assigned me to write a book about His love relationship with me. I have part of the first draft done.

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