Liturgies for Times Such as These

Tiya Thomas-Alexander   |   June 3, 2020 

A Liturgy for those Grappling with Injustice

Lord, in the middle of the pandemic, injustices are coming to light with force.

Lord, are You watching over it all?

It feels like authorities are getting stronger and more oppressive. Those who should protect the vulnerable, have not.

Lord, are You sovereign over it all?

The church has turned a blind eye. The church has been complicit. We, as Christ followers, have not stood with brothers and sisters in need.

Jesus, You faced injustice by authorities. Help us remember and help us believe.

Our efforts at justice seem futile. Our motives are imperfect. We want justice, but we get caught up in outrage.

Jesus, You embody perfect justice in the face of torture. The oppressed find real solidarity in You.

Why do miscarriages of justice continue?

We rest in Your goodness. We act in faith.

How can we become instruments of peace?

Perfect justice comes from You.

Our methods of justice need renewal. We repent for our half-hearted ways. We give up despair and hatred. We empty ourselves of pride.

Perfect justice comes from You.

This world is unfair. But You will come back and make it fair.

Perfect justice comes from You. We wait and we participate.


A Liturgy for the Sad and Lonely

 Lord, we are sad and aching. We feel pain from our skin piercing down into our bones. Our hearts are broken.

Lord, have You felt this way?

In our isolation, we have felt abandoned.

Lord, have You felt this way?

Our eyes are tired from weeping. Our minds are exhausted from uncertainty.

How long, O Lord?

We are lost in a wilderness. It feels dark and endless.

How long, O Lord?

We have grumbled and we have sinned. We have hoarded mercy for ourselves, not treating others the way You have treated us. We have tried to find hope in things apart from You.

We are sorry. O Lord, have mercy.

We have forgotten Your promises of sufficient grace and strength in weakness. We have wanted the easy way and despised the narrow way. We have worshipped our plans and let go of Your gentle hand.

We are sorry. O Lord, have mercy.

You are good and we are not. You are Faithful because it is who You are. You show us love when we feel awful. When we feel trapped in loneliness, You draw near. You weep with us.

Thank you Lord.

Lead us through this dark valley. Mend our hearts. Protect our minds. May we share in Your suffering, and count it all joy. Like sheep we are lost, but Father, You will come find us.

Thank you Lord.



Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash

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Tiya Thomas-Alexander

Tiya is an Indian journalist and writer based in London.

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