Our Story

Like most things, IndiAanya began with a seed of a dream. Our team in Delhi wondered what it would look like to have a blog that gave Christian women living in India a place to tell their stories in their own unique voices. A space where women who happen to all live in one diverse country could build a community that would inspire, encourage and help them grow in their faith.

In India there is only a handful of resources produced by Indians themselves that are addressing the needs and issues involving women here. And while Christianity does not belong to any one culture, which is part of its beauty, living a life of faith in India has challenges that are culturally unique.

So our team began to dream and take deep breaths, pray and drink more coffee. And in May of 2014 we met and decided to call this blog IndiAanya.

The word Aanya means “grace” or “gracious”. It is our hope that in being true to our name, IndiAanya will be a space full of grace where women can come as they are and find a diverse community of women living all over India (and the world) who want to share in this journey of faith together.

Our goal is to step back and let others tell their stories in their own voices from their own experiences. We have assembled a diverse group of contributors from all over India—and a few expats who call India home as well to write for us. Many are writing their first blog posts and we are honoured that they are willing to share their stories here.

The topics we want to include are about faith, family, relationships, sharing personal testimonies, art, inspiring reads and a bit of poetry thrown in for good measure.

If you don’t want to miss a single post you can subscribe to receive them via email as soon as they go out.  If you’d like to write for IndiAanya please send us an email here and we can chat about possibilities. If you have questions or comments for a specific contributor please leave a comment under that post and they will respond accordingly.

We hope this blog will be an encouragement to you in whatever season of faith you find yourself in today. So pour yourself a cup of chai or coffee, stay awhile and have a look around. Thanks for journeying along with us here at IndiAanya…let us know what you think!

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