Who Will Roll the Stone Away?

Sheena Gershom   |   March 21, 2024 

We see this seemingly practical question in Mark 16:3. The women at the tomb asked each other, “Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance of the tomb?” I don’t know about you, but I might have asked the same question in their place.

When I plan to visit a new place, even in a familiar city:

  • I check the location on Google Maps Street View beforehand.
  • See how long the drive will take and figure out the best route.
  • Leave super early and make sure there’s room for exigencies!

These women who followed Jesus came well prepared, too. They packed their special spices, left their homes very early in the morning, and were ready to anoint the body of Jesus. Except there was one possible hindrance—the stone at the tomb's entrance.

Who moved my stone?

We can make the most detailed plans, but some things in our lives are just beyond our control. Many of us have probably faced such limitations—stuck at a roadblock with no idea how to proceed.

When my boys were younger, I was beyond exhausted every single day. I’d be completely drained out by evening. Many nights (especially in a season of solo parenting), I’ve whispered, “Lord, I can’t do this… give me strength to make it till bedtime.”

The last few hours of each day seemed insurmountable. Yet God graciously gave me just enough grace and strength to sustain me through that season.

If we’re walking the path God has laid out for us, we’re bound to face obstacles that seem impossible to move. Yet, God has solutions that we might not have ever considered.

The stone at the entrance of the tomb had already been rolled away by supernatural means before the women could get there. While we might not see an angel physically moving our obstacles, God always provides a way for us – especially when we’re out on His business.

Redirected priorities

The women went to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus. However, they left with another mandate—to tell the disciples that Jesus had risen and was going before them.

So often, we have our own plans and agendas. Many of them might actually be good and right in the eyes of God. However, when we set out to accomplish them, God might redirect us to do something else. The desire to anoint the body of Jesus was good, but sharing the news of His resurrection was a higher mandate.

Sometimes, we may have to surrender our carefully laid plans into the Lord’s hands and take up a new assignment. Although God might not immediately show us our new paths, He’ll surely lead us step by step in the direction He wants us to go.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase.” We might only see the first step in front of us; that's enough. When we take the first step in faith, we’ll have more clarity on our next step.

Are you wondering who will roll away the huge boulder obstructing your path?

  • God might just remove the stone altogether.
  • He may give you the grace and strength to move it yourself.
  • He may redirect you and lead you on another path.

The women at the tomb were used to being around Jesus and hearing His voice. When He was suddenly crucified, His voice had grown silent. They couldn’t get to the tomb until the Sabbath was over, but God was working in their waiting.

Wait on the Lord and keep your faith in Him. Remember that even when He seems silent, He’s still working on your behalf. What hope we have because of our resurrected King!

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Sheena lives in Bangalore with her husband and triplet sons. When she gets a moment's peace, she enjoys journaling, reading, and listening to podcasts. She sporadically documents real-life stories and lessons she's learning from God's Word at SheenaGershom.com

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