Living Christmas Daily

Shoba Ranjitsingh   |   December 27, 2022 

On New Year’s Day a few years back, I felt a little sad, that the season of Christmas was coming to an end. Through December I had enjoyed singing carols, planning surprises, decorating the Christmas tree, and holding on to the themes of the season!

But then I thought — it was up to me; I could live Christmas every day!

This is how I am doing that now, and it is beautiful.


I could abide in God’s love daily — His love is unfailing (Psalm 90:14), healing (Hosea 14:4a), comforting (Isaiah 66:3) and so much more!

I do this by looking for the God moments through my day — as I find a parking spot, as I enjoy the breeze or see a flower bud, when a friend calls to encourage, and when I enjoy a good heart to heart with my sons who live far away. I don’t rush through the day, but instead, I give myself moments to breathe, regroup, connect with, and reflect on that perfect, pure love of God.


Nehemiah 8:10 says the joy of the Lord is our strength.

Doing for others every day gives me joy and strength. Planning surprises, writing letters, mailing cards, baking, and sharing goodies brought much joy.

Instead of waiting for Christmas to do all these fun things, I can do it through the year. We can be creative and generous. We could give away a sari/ top we bought but never used to a friend who would love it, we can keep a box of handmade cards and stamps to mail encouragement, comfort, and cheer. We could give our maid a special treat – movie tickets or bucket biriyani delivered to their home as a surprise.


One hour at a time, sweet Jesus - that’s how I live life now. ‘One day at a time’ used to be on my list of favorite songs, but now in my 50s, I realise I need Jesus each hour. This keeps me from worrying and my heart at peace.

When I find myself worrying about my health, my family, my future, I remind myself to spend time talking to God. He listens with rapt attention and turns the panic to peace.


Zechariah 9:12 uses the phrase ‘prisoner of hope’. That is a wonderful way to live - being hopeful no matter what!

As we celebrate during this Christmas season and enter the New Year, let us carry the spirit of this joyous festival into our everyday!



Photo by Mariana B. on Unsplash

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Shoba Ranjitsingh

Shoba Ranjitsingh is an architect, writer and proud mom and grandma. Shoba is a Chennai girl who now lives in New Zealand with her husband Ranjit. She works in a primary school and enjoys leading and writing women's Bible studies, meeting friends for coffee, second-hand books and handmade cards.

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