What Greater Gift: A Poem for Christmas

Lydia Fisher   |   December 22, 2022 

You came
Quiet and unassuming,
Though heaven’s angels
Revelled in your birth
Making it known
To the lowly shepherds.

In humble surrounds
You took your first breath.
Son of God,
Yet considered by men
As one of them.

What greater gift
Could we have imagined?
Our King and Creator,
In unconditional love
Chose His son to give
As future sacrifice.

What travesty
This season has become.
Fleeting happiness over eternal joy,
Desires for the created over the Creator.
Mystical characters veil the Centrepiece,
The Crowning Glory
The King of kings
And Lord of lords.

Awaken our hearts
To the Truth once more.
Our Saviour,
A helpless babe is born.
But oh, what hope
He brings!


Photo by Jon Carlson on Unsplash

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Lydia Fisher

Lydia loves coffee, cats (of which she has two) and a good book. She spent ten years of her childhood in India and still has a connection with the country because of the school her parents started in Meghalaya. Lydia currently lives in Australia and works as a primary school teacher.

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