A Lament

Shruti Rajkumar   |   April 16, 2018 

This is a lament for Asifa and for all the violence towards women and children that we have been hearing about in the news.

I feel like the first thing I can do is bring it before God and lament.


Bow down before our King
Till you're small, till you're vulnerable
Till you cannot feel yourself
Bow down

Bow down before our Lord
Lay down at His feet
Like a little child is defenceless
Like an innocent babe is helpless
Bow down

Bow down and weep
Bend your knees
Bend your back
Let your elbows scrape the ground
Let your feet go to sleep
Let your hair fill with dirt
Let your mind feel the pain
How small can you become
How crushed can you be
How desperate can you feel
Let your heart break and not be mended
Break and not be joined
Bow down

Bow down before our King
With the pain of your sisters
With the fear of your daughters
With the anger of your mothers
Mourn for those who've passed
Mourn for those who're passing
Bow down

Bow down in horror
Bow down with grief
Only God can redeem
Only God can heal
So let us bow down


Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

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Shruti Rajkumar

Shruti Rajkumar lives in the chaotic, beautiful city of New Delhi. She is currently studying to become a family therapist whilst being a mother to a little girl and partnering with her husband in the church they have planted. In her free time she enjoys shopping in Sarojini Market, reading and hanging out with friends.

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One comment on “A Lament”

  1. Yes, heart is broken and not mended. Mourning also for those yet to come till our kings justice will shake the earth... thank you for this beautiful piece!

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