If You Could Change Anything in This World, What Would It Be?

Shruti Rajkumar   |   December 28, 2020 

If you could change anything in this world, what would it be?
Would you be rid of poverty?
Or greed?
Would you wipe out all the “wicked” people and set the “good” ones free?
Would you make it so that everyone had the same skin colour?
Or the same amount of money?
Would you heal the sick and do away with all worry?
What would you change?

Would you change our history and take away - the British Raj, or gender oppression, or black slavery?
Maybe you would try to take away masculinity and femininity?
Would that really bring equality?
And what about Boko Haram, Hitler, the Ku Klux Klan, the idea of some claiming they are Brahmins,
and some being told they are a bunch of nobodies, to be used and hung on trees.
Would you take all the beggar children and give them new homes?
Take all the trafficked women and erase their past woes?
Would you wipe out COVID, HIV, World War 1, 2 and any chance of 3?
Would you go all the way back to Adam and Eve and scream “no” just as they begin their conversation at that dreaded tree?
Do you really think we would do anything differently?

If we had the chance of a do over how many of us would be free
of our cold indifferent hearts, our greedy simple minds, our selfish ugly desires.
Nay dear sisters, nay dear brothers
We were never meant to be gods
We were always meant to be children
Children of the Most High.
For God so loved this world
Our world
This broken world that we have messed up and torn apart
He sent His beloved son
His only son
Who was loved and delighted in
To be poor
To be rejected
To be oppressed
To be forgotten
Taken for granted
Walked upon
To be less than the least
To be hung on a tree
The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
Came and said do your worst to me
And let me save you from yourself
And set you free.
How can it be?
This Mighty Powerful God
Loves you and loves me
Let us not forget, oh brothers
Let us not dismiss, oh sisters
What our King has done
Let us not take for granted, oh family
Let us not minimise
What our Lord has done.

Come let us kneel and bow down
At this tiny manger in Bethlehem town
and rejoice with the shepherds - not unlike our farmers out there
And remember it is not our righteousness but His mercy
His sweet mercy
Only His mercy
Only Him.


Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

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Shruti Rajkumar

Shruti Rajkumar lives in the chaotic, beautiful city of New Delhi. She is currently studying to become a family therapist whilst being a mother to a little girl and partnering with her husband in the church they have planted. In her free time she enjoys shopping in Sarojini Market, reading and hanging out with friends.

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2 comments on “If You Could Change Anything in This World, What Would It Be?”

  1. Simply awesome , Shruthi.... I echo your sentiments....bless your Loving, Honouring Heart ! Let’s receive His Amazing Grace to be His Reflection to the world....Indrani aunty

  2. Your poem refocused my heart and mind on Him. The world has much pain and evil But God!
    In Christ Alone , we have life, purpose, healing, hope and can overcome darkness and confusion. May we draw near to Him and may He increase while we decrease. May we marvel at His love and grow wise in His truths. May more know Him as Lord and Savior and live life on earth in love and joy with their Father, Redeemer and Lord!

    Thank you again for sharing and encouraging me toward a better perspective . I needed it.

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