The Girl in the Mirror

Freda Howell McMahon   |   February 22, 2017 


Scene I:

There’s a girl in the mirror, looking right at me.

Should I look back or turn and flee?

Hips - too big, arms - too fat

Thighs - too jiggly, stomach - let’s not talk about that.

I must go to the gym after working today

Maybe if I was thinner, he would’ve stayed.


There’s a girl in the mirror looking right at me.

Should I look back or turn and flee?

Breasts – too small, height – too tall

Feet – too narrow, mind – too harrowed.

Could it be that I am not good at all?


There’s a girl in the mirror looking at me.

Should I look back or turn and flee?

My complexion could be better  - where's the cover up?

My lips are too pale - let me use this cherry plum.


Each girl turns to walk away,

When the mirrors suddenly shout:

“Won’t you stay a while to chat; maybe we can work this out?”

“No. No. No.” the girls reply in unison.

“There's nothing to work out.”


Scene II:

The mirrors decide it’s time for action.

“What’s with this negative self-perception

In these pretty woomen?


"I can try finding out what’s going on in their head”

said a brave volunteer.

“Do that! Do that!”

they all began to cheer.


After extensive research the mirror was back with her report

This is what I’d like to purport:

“Once upon a time, there was a wooman named Eve.

Prettier than anyone you've ever seen.

Her husband was Adam,

I heard he was quite a stud.

But the beauty wasn't just skin deep,

it went straight to their heart.

There was no evil in them, and no need for shame.

They were sinless, free of all blame.

Created in the Maker's image,

They were always glad!


But they did something reaaaaally bad

They cheated on the Maker.


Suddenly, Adam and Eve didn't feel so good.

They didn’t like their looks, their mind, or their hood.

Their beautiful minds were no longer pure.

Truth was dying a slow death, as lies began to soar.


The approval of the Maker was no longer enough

Her husband's smile wouldn't cheer her up

She wanted others' approval to feel good about herself

Self-loathing kept raising its ugly head.


Scene III:

So the mirrors decided to go to the Maker.

This problem was too great for them,

They needed the human Creator.


Bowing low, they stumbled into the courtroom

“Your Majesty, we are the mirrors

From the land of the hoomans.”

The Maker smiled and said

“I know why you’re here”

“I’ll have a plan to save the hoomans,

There’s no need for tears.”


“I’ll send my Son to pay the punishment humans deserved

The consequence of the first sin will no longer be preserved.

Adam and Eve soon realized there was nothing they could do to save themselves,

Their punishment would follow their generations without end.

And so their offspring kept living under the curse,

As time went on things only got worse.

But I love my humans so much, I'll do what it takes to set them free.

When my Son will die in their place on a cross, justice will finally be sealed.

Lies will be defeated and truth set free.

Brokenness will finally have no grip at all,

and wholeness freely available to all who call.


Scene IV:

This happened around two thousand years ago.

The Son died to bring us back our glow.

Not just on our skin, but also in our hearts.

We must begin to see who we really are

A masterpiece, God lovingly carved.


Scene V:

Today, the girl in the mirror was looking at me.

I no longer run away from what I see.

I know I'm really bad, I can't save myself.

But God is really good, and He's saved me from hell.

Now that I've finally experienced God's love,

He helps me love well.


Photo Credit: Unsplash

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Freda Howell McMahon

Freda McMahon lives in a little Goan village with her husband and two daughters. She is a counsellor by profession, a homeschooling mom, and in constant need of God’s grace. Dark chocolate with sea salt, good conversation and solitude are a few of her favourites.

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6 comments on “The Girl in the Mirror”

  1. What a novel take on the plight of mankind! So witty and engaging. It starts with only skin-deep flaws but on further exploration reveals the source of where all this discontent begins.

  2. Thanks so much, Freda. This was lovely. I'm often unhappy with the girl in the mirror, but I can usually shrug it off. It's the girl I see reflected in the mirror of God's Word that really disgusts me, and I swing between the extremes of self-loathing and a brazen cover-up job. Neither are very helpful. So good to know that God sees that girl in the mirror and loves her, warts and all, and is in the process of crafting a masterpiece. Thank you!

  3. Love this naration.........
    Thank you Freda for reminding many to look as a masterpiece crafted by God Himself in His own image. It depends on the person who consider oneself as masterpiece or as defected in all areas..........
    God bless your creative writing.......

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