Ishnita Nayantara Keskar  |  May 31, 2024
Have you noticed how easily small children can make friends? If not, you should watch kids in a playground. They smile, share a sweet, join in a game, or ask,...
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Ceenu Jebaraj  |  May 28, 2024
As a child, I had a lot to say. But shyness took all my words away when people were around. I would nurse a longing to be liked by everyone...
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Shiphrah Lakka  |  May 21, 2024
Friendships have never come easily to me, especially when I was young. I was a shy kid, too scared to initiate a conversation. So, my strategy has always been to...
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Susan Narjala  |  May 17, 2024
There’s a joke circulating on Instagram that goes something like this: “Do you know one of Jesus’ greatest miracles that no one ever talks about? . . He had 12...
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Sheryl Jacob  |  May 13, 2024
Am I a narcissist? Is my spouse a narcissist? It's a tricky question to answer gently. My instinctive response leans towards acknowledging Dr. Tim Keller's observation on our unawareness of...
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Priyanka Rawat  |  April 19, 2024
The idea of heaven had never been attractive to me. I had often tried to conjure an image of me and Jesus in heaven, but it would barely last more...
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Ruth Davidar Paul  |  November 20, 2023
Even as I write this, I feel somewhat embarrassed. It's almost like I'm making a big deal out of nothing. Like I'm a whiny child. I feel I ought not...
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Anna Jacob  |  September 21, 2023
Most homes have a focal point... the kitchen, the media den, the living room, the reading nook. Our home's activities centre around the dining table. It is where we gather...
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Susan Narjala  |  September 18, 2023
When we moved back to India from the US eight years ago, we knew that finding a church would be high on our priority list. Along with a hunger for...
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