A Unique Race

Sakshi Verma   |   August 17, 2015 


She woke up, as the light shined bright into her eyes. It was clear and as sharp as an arrow piercing through her and breaking the soul into its smaller elements to reveal what it was made up of, and hence its abilities and purpose.

The light had been there all along shining with the same majesty, but she had been walking too long, with her eyes half shut. Now that she had dared to slowly open her eyes, she was awakened by the brightness.

The awakening moment made her realize that her small, slender, yet strong legs were not meant to walk. She had been created to run.

Geared up, eager to get along, excited for action, she started to run. A few steps towards the light and she became assured it wasn't that hard after all. For a moment she was so satisfied in her pursuit that she turned her eyes inward to have a look at how happy she was and how easily she moved. That was the unfortunate moment when the diversion of a split second became the cause of her fall.

At first it was so normal she did not even realize she had fallen as she was so used to falling this way  time and again when she had walked with her eyes half shut.

But this time her eyes were open and she saw how humiliating and terrible this fall was. Guilt tried to consume her and she looked up for help. In that moment the light caught her eyes and she felt secure again.

That's  when she realized that this race, or this journey was unlike other journeys. The rule for this walk was not to 'watch your step'. The only way to win this race was to fix her eyes on the light. The secret for this race was to keep her eyes on Him, the Light, and He would guide her every step.


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Sakshi Verma

Sakshi Verma is a Student of literature at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. She loves reading and watching detective stories and enjoys working with children especially at Sunday School.

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