Unanswered: A Poem

Sakshi Verma   |   August 18, 2014 



I look at the sun
And to myself, question

Who am I?
Who will I be?
Who am I supposed to be?
Night and day these questions haunt me

What values to take,
Which to forsake
Whom to please
Life isn’t as simple
As those of the trees

For as I grow at each level
I reason and question
My roots; answers to which
Seem far away from reach

If only they would let me be
If only the decisions were simpler
If only the choice was easier
Life would have been so much clearer
But I guess, the ‘if onlys’ would have existed anyways

What to believe
Whom to trust
Which way to go
What to keep and what to throw

Does the right have to be
Always difficult and the wrong easy?
Should I take the risk
Of dreaming big and expecting more
Or will it always break my heart like before?

Am I strong enough
To face the times tough?
Or will they take over me
And leave me in misery

What if my decision today
Proves to be wrong tomorrow
Will I live a life of regret?
How I wish I could find
The answers on the internet

I hope this phase
will soon fade away
and show me some day
that my worries of today
were needless;
that my future is held in God’s hand beautifully
and I will be proud and happy
and praise him for his goodness and mercy

I look at the moon
And hope that day will come soon.

-by Sakshi Verma

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Sakshi Verma

Sakshi Verma is a Student of literature at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. She loves reading and watching detective stories and enjoys working with children especially at Sunday School.

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