Praise and Perseverance Through Poetry

Lothunglo Mozhui   |   January 24, 2024 

My name is Lothunglo Mozhui. I lived in Delhi since I was a little girl, and in 2013, my family decided to move back to Nagaland (the land of my birth). But in 2014, I became paralysed, and I am paralysed to date.

Dimapur is home now, and God has given me this convenient and graceful city as a home. It is close to many hospitals, and I have doctors who are just a phone call away. But the care I receive from my family is just so incredible. My parents truly are my doctors, and they are the best of the lot. They feed me, bathe me, clothe me, and take care of my every need. Today, I am in awe that I have a special place to call “my home.” The place where I contemplate my life, where I can study the Bible, where I can sing a song of praise to Christ, where I can write short poems, and I can be myself before God.

God is good. God is merciful. God is my Healer. And I trust HIM!


Everyone has a breaking point.

And blessed are those who are broken,

for in their brokenness, they realize things

which would otherwise

go unrealized,

which would otherwise

slip by unnoticed.

God will help us when we feel utterly hopeless.

He will show the way.

He will take away the broken things from us

and He will turn them into

marvelous wonders!

My God makes all the flawed stuff into an exceptional design.



Sometimes, I wish that today was yesterday,

and I could've and would've

done things differently,

avoided all the

stupid mistakes.

But I thank God for tomorrow,

It's another chance, another go at life.

And sometimes, I wish that it was yesterday

because yesterday was good.

And I thank God for today,

for giving me new hope and strength for tomorrow.



I would always wonder from where I was getting the strength,

energy and courage to face and, ultimately,

overcome the everyday challenges and battles of this rough patch.

Then I realised that the prayers,

wishes, and hope of my family and friends

were backing and shielding me all along!

I am really nothing on my own!

I want to start this new year by acknowledging

all those who constantly keep me

in thoughts and prayers (countless number of people),

share a word of encouragement

(countless, again!),

go out of their way to show love and concern,

make sure that I don't run out of reads and the hahas,

push me beyond the incorrect limits that I've set for myself.

So, with their faith added to mine, I am stronger!!!

I do admit that there are times of sheer frustration,

depression, anger, and self-pity.

But because of the grace of God and their support,

I'm never down in the pits for long,

but quickly pushed back up

again to stand firm.

All I can do is thank you, delightful people!

You really, really are my backbone!

God bless you

and make your

deepest and hidden desires

come to pass.


Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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Lothunglo Mozhui

Lothunglo Mozhui is a pianist and a piano teacher by profession. She has been diagnosed with Lupus and had a stroke in June 2013. She lives with this rare autoimmune condition in Dimapur, Nagaland.

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