God's Perfecting Ways

Anna Jacob   |   December 21, 2023 

"The Lord will perfect that which concerns me. He will accomplish His purposes for me."  Psalms 138:8

This is my favourite verse in the Bible!

Season after season, this word has been tested and true in our lives. It has been my steadfast affirmation amid the clamour of voices offering a million suggestions or in the deafening silence of uncertainty.

This has been my lifeline as I prayed it out loud, under my breath, in my head voice, in my tears. It has come to pass in the promises I give thanks for when I'm amazed and incredulous at what God can do when I take my hands, ideas, suggestions, and timelines off….and surrender to the plans and purposes of God Almighty!

This verse has been our anchor as we faced life's storms, the word that quelled our anxious thoughts, the times we have scampered to keep up with God's plans that unfolded faster than we thought possible.

This verse teaches me to trust when God's good and perfect plans for our lives unravel slower than we would like it to or take us places we would rather not go to.

Sometimes, the walk of faith seems slow and painful with no end in sight, or when I'm stretched in my faith and too weary to plod on anymore. Sometimes, I'm right where I started, even after fervent prayer. Sometimes, I feel further behind the start line than I ever thought possible.

But the promise that held us through the years resounds again and stirs up my feeble faith.

There are times when I am able to believe He is creating a masterpiece out of the mess that I see. But there are many times when I cannot see beyond the obstacles, deadlines, lack, and limitations.

As I struggle with impossibilities and impatience and mutter, "Lord, give me patience, but please hurry," I am almost always reminded of the promise in Psalms 138.8.

He is raising people, moving the mountains, filling up the valleys, clearing the path, and breaking down the obstacles. Still, most importantly, He is strengthening my faith, building me up, and teaching me to trust Him wholeheartedly and absolutely. And when He does it in His time, it is beautiful indeed!

Through the years, I  have been learning to pray, "Lord, have the freedom to perfect that which concerns us," and experiencing that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not ours.

In a world that demands that we carve our path to success and fame, we are called to trust Him and wait as He makes all things beautiful in His time. We are called to be still and wait on Him. We are called to conform to Him, to be transformed into His likeness. And that is how He perfects that which concerns us and accomplishes His purposes for us.


PC: Nehara George

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Anna Jacob

Anna is a stay-at-home mum and wife who doubles up as a teacher, baker and finder of all things lost. She loves her family, historical fiction, home decor, baking, journaling and vintage finds among other things. She is constantly writing articles in her head and occasionally, some of them actually get written. Anna is grateful to live in the answers to her whispered prayers and believes she is blessed beyond belief!

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