A Woman of Worth: A Poem

Shiphrah Lakka   |   March 25, 2023 

She rises early, before the sun,
to ensure her household tasks are done.
She's a loving mother, a hard-working wife,
she does them good, all the days of her life.

Her words are sweet, they heal and soothe.
She speaks with wisdom, love, and truth.
She reaches out with hands of grace,
bringing a smile to everyone's face.

She is clothed with grace and dignity,
A woman of worth, with selfless humility.
Her beauty comes from deep inside.
Her heart is pure, not a hint of pride.

Her children rise and call her blessed,
Her husband too, for she's simply the best.
She helps her children reach their goals,
With warmth and love, she nurtures their souls.

She deals with kindness and offers a hand,
She's a friend to all, in every land.
She cares for the poor, the needy, the weak
Her own pleasure she does not seek.

To be this kind of a woman, is no easy feat,
Without God's help I'd accept defeat.
To despair and worry I often succumb,
But she rejoices at what is to come.

This is not a task I can do alone.
I'd surely fail, if on my own.
But with the help of God above,
I find the strength to act in love.

So I ask Him for His strength and grace,
To do my best and run the race,
To be the woman I'm meant to be,
And take hold of the prize set before me.

Oh Lord, I come to you in prayer
With a humble heart and my soul laid bare,
I seek to become a woman of worth
And fulfil Your purpose here on earth.

Help me, Lord, to be a woman of beauty,
Not just outward, but more so inwardly;
For charm may deceive, and beauty may fleet,
But a woman who fears the Lord is complete!

(A poem based on Proverbs 31)


Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

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Shiphrah Lakka

Shiphrah loves all things chocolate, deep conversations, baking, and getting lost in a good book. She is passionate about encouraging families to learn God's word together. The lockdown has rekindled her love for writing and she documents all that the Lord is teaching her on her blog - boredandbusymama.com. She lives in Thane, India with her husband and two adorable daughters.

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