The Gift of Obedience

Sheryl Jacob   |   April 14, 2022 

Do you ever think about heaven?  I think a lot about heaven.  I have envisioned heaven as a massive family reunion minus the undesirable tension usually attached to family gatherings.  At this family reunion, we are gathered at the dinner table and exchange stories of how a merciful Father saved us all.

When I think about heaven, I can’t help but think about all the other image-bearers of God that I have met in passing or whose paths have crossed mine.  I have asked myself if I am living my life with purpose and intentionality.

All these thoughts have guided my overanalyzing mind back to the splendour of our eternal home.  We are a part of God’s family, and He is graciously allowing us to be swept up in this grand story of redemption.

When I look at life through the lens of eternity, it leads my heart to seek obedience.  I genuinely desire and pray that the Lord will allow my heart to trust and obey.

Ever since I became a parent, I soon learned the importance of obedience.  As my children trust me, it becomes easier for them to obey.  They know that what I have asked of them is for their good, even if it does not make sense.  If I expect my children to obey, how much more does my heavenly Father require obedience from me?  He wants me to trust Him wholeheartedly.

Obedience is so hard yet such a sweet gift from the Lord.  There is an unexplainable joy and satisfaction in life that accompanies obedience.  It is an act that becomes easier as you take the focus off yourself and onto the One that will care for all your needs.

The act of picking up the cross and following Jesus wherever He may ask is obedience.  Sometimes obedience takes the form of putting your work shoes on and showing up when everything in you is fighting against it.  Moving into an unfamiliar land but believing the Lord is sending you there is an act of obedience.  Not knowing what tomorrow may bring but solely resting in the Lord’s sovereign plans mean obedience.

Although obedience often requires sacrifice, the Lord is so kind to remind us that everything we have and will have is ours because He saw fit to provide it for us.  He misses nothing and will not withhold any good thing.

I believe there will be a day when we will see the purpose in everything God has allowed us to partake in.  We will be able to see how He has knitted our stories together at that dinner table.  We would finally be able to see the fruits of our obedience.  This life we are living is well worth it when we seek to obey Him.


Photo by Will van Wingerden on Unsplash

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Sheryl Jacob

Sheryl Jacob is a follower of Jesus, wife to Sujith, and mom of 3 (Elijah, Ezra and Anaya). She is also a Marriage and Family Therapist. She thoroughly enjoys hosting competitive game nights, listening to podcasts and is passionate about teaching Therapeutic workshops. Sheryl is now a Third Culture Adult serving Jesus through Cornerstone Church Mumbai, India.

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