"Relax! It's a Happy Ending!"

Gesly Susan   |   October 10, 2016 


I have been drawing a blank on what to write this month. I have been asking myself and asking around on what I should be writing. Nothing seemed to weigh on my heart that compelled me to pen it down. And finally, with a day left on my submission deadline, my inspiration for today’s write up came from the most unlikely place- a Mandarin movie.

The husband and I, from time to time, indulge in foreign language movies ranging from an Arabic movie set in war torn village to a Spanish movie of a drug landlord who won it all only to lose it in the end. This time it was a Chinese martial arts movie where the hero busts an organ trafficking ring. Though I was hesitant about watching yet another action flick, as the plot thickened, I was secretly rooting for the hero and hating on the merciless evil men in sharp black suits.

Now every 20 minutes of the movie was followed by a 10 minute action sequence where the hero victoriously beats up a dozen men single handedly. For each of these action sequences he would beat all the odds and make it through to continue his mission. Even towards the end of the movie, when he loses a limb and has to fight off the enemy with nothing but his bare hands- I continued to console myself that it’s all going to end well, the good always prevails over evil in a movie.

We know most movies have a happy ending. The boy gets the girl, the bad guy is put behind bars, the city is safe again and justice is served. As much as a movie can leave you on the edge of your seat or leave you wondering how the hero can ever come back from this- at the back of your head you always have the assurance that at the end everything is going be alright.

Our life on earth as Christians has its own plots, twists and turns. Each of us have our own story lines- with it’s own peculiar cast, climaxes and love stories, each with its own picturesque setting- whether it is a humid bustling Indian city or a freezing quite suburb in Canada. Our personalities and peculiarities are already ingrained in our genes before we are casted for (literally) the role of a lifetime. And sure enough each of our stories have their own fair share of joys, challenges and tragedies- each intricately interwoven by the Orchestrator of all things. But unlike a movie star, we are not handed a script and there are no retakes. We take on our roles, are given a few guidelines and then life just happens. However we already know what the grand, big happy ending is! Ultimately we know that good will prevail over evil, the Devil is going to be put away and we will forever be united with our Saviour.

So no matter which part of your story is being played out today, don’t worry- we know it's a happy ending.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28


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Gesly Susan

Having moved from city to city and country to country in her growing up years, Gesly recently moved to Canada making it her new home. Having a background in social work, she enjoys working with children with special needs, traveling, writing, deep conversations and music.

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