Christy Gogu   |   March 30, 2015 


As she opens her beautiful big eyes
and gives me a new morning smile,
I feel my heart swell up
and my eyes keep the smile for a while.

As the rest of the day unfolds
and she skips about or rolls,
I thank God for a glimpse into His heart
with every inch of love that overflows.

I soak in those brief moments,
in the midst of a game or before her nap,
and remember my rushed times with the Lord

as she rests her head on my lap.

Sometimes she wants to have her way
or simply likes to walk away,
leaving me often questioning
why is it all so hard to obey?

My heart sinks each time she scrapes her knees
or stubs her little toes,
but I stop myself from rushing
to rescue her from her teary woes.

For each time she gets up on her own
it's surely a small victory won,
And then she runs to me for a hug
and smiles that all is fine.

And so I look forward to each day
as she giggles, plays and sings,
reflecting God's heart and beauty
in every unconditional hug she brings.

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Christy Gogu

Christy Gogu is currently pursuing a doctorate in the field of Design. She lives in New Delhi and loves traveling with her husband and two young daughters, hanging out with friends over a cup of chai or dessert, watching movies and exercising.

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