Deborah Sybil  |  April 20, 2022
This is a story I have had difficulty penning down because I struggled with ill feelings for a long time. Yet, I realize that the story must be told for...
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Deborah Sybil  |  January 28, 2022
Aim for the sky and you will reach the clouds is a popular saying. But what remains unsaid in the saying is that between the ‘aiming’ and the ‘reaching’ there...
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Deepa David  |  October 29, 2021
A couple of months back, a few of my friends and I decided to do a bible study. After discussing ideas and topics, we finally decided to do a book...
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K  |  May 31, 2021
This month at IndiAanya is Bible Book Focus Month! We are journeying through the book of Jonah in a series of posts. By the time I get to chapter four of...
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Susan Narjala  |  February 4, 2021
The threat of the Pandemic wears thin, turns lean, A muddle of gaunt days and anorexic dreams; We heal from a year of promise that left us pilfered, Of hope,...
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Vaniz  |  December 31, 2020
In the first week of December 2020, my family was on a spring cleaning routine. Going over what’s still being used in the house and what’s not, figuring out the...
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Shruti Rajkumar  |  December 28, 2020
If you could change anything in this world, what would it be? Would you be rid of poverty? Or greed? Would you wipe out all the “wicked” people and set...
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Susan Narjala  |  December 22, 2020
The following is a completely fictional narrative of the Christmas story based on completely true events in history. As you walk in the innkeeper's worn-out sandals for a few minutes,...
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K  |  December 15, 2020
I love sappy Christmas movies; I look forward to this time of year, to putting up my tree and watching movies that I know will have a happy ending. This...
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