Susan Narjala  |  September 13, 2022
Almost every morning I do this absolutely insane thing. I make oats. (I know, radical stuff there, right?) The thing is, I don’t like oats. I don’t eat oats (Is...
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Pauline  |  February 14, 2020
Last year, I went back to work after a six and a half year break. During those years, I freelanced for a while, in a completely different field and I...
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Adrienn  |  November 20, 2018
The topic of work has been a hard one for me to think about, to figure out how to approach, and to see if I have anything to contribute. I...
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Ruth Davidar Paul  |  November 13, 2018
The subject of ‘work’ is a thorny one for women especially given the current brouhaha on feminism and a woman’s role. Does work define a woman’s worth (or even a...
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Susan Narjala  |  November 6, 2018
  I walk into the bedroom and am greeted by an unmade bed. I’ve just returned from dropping the kids off at school, after giving them breakfast and packing the...
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Deepa David  |  March 16, 2016
- As I read the theme for March, 'What is giving you life right now that you are saying yes to' or 'What is draining you that you are saying...
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