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Ruth Davidar Paul  |  February 15, 2023
I was talking to a friend recently about one of my earliest prayers as a teenager and how this one prayer has remained unanswered. In fact, I am still praying...
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Shobana Vetrivel  |  January 31, 2023
During the last week of the year, between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I did a reflection exercise that looked back on the last year and looked ahead to the...
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Sheena Gershom  |  May 6, 2022
When my boys were four years old, one of them recited John 3:16 from memory and said, “For God so loved ME that He gave His one and only Son…”...
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K  |  January 25, 2022
Each year between Christmas and New Year, I excitedly pull out my planner and begin to dream about what might be. As I think and pray through the year ahead,...
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Vaniz  |  April 15, 2020
Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” The intellectual human mind is wired to...
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Sylvia Castelino Derby  |  September 27, 2019
My husband, Jon, our fifteen-month-old daughter, Diya and I decided to leave Delhi and India to pursue the work of Restorative Justice—a calling we felt God had put on our...
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Adrienn  |  May 11, 2018
My little love! Today is day one of 3rd grade for you, or as you've learned to say, 3rd class. Daddy and I drove you and your brother to school, mostly to...
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Yini Evelyn  |  November 24, 2017
We struggle almost every day. Perhaps I speak as a 20-something, but you get what I mean. Sometimes it feels as though the world conspires to go against you in...
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Tabitha Bühne  |  August 24, 2017
Everybody thinks, I'm brave. Maybe it's because I like bungee jumping or running long distances alone in the dark – or because I moved to India! But the truth is...
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