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Susan Narjala  |  May 13, 2022
Even as the Mother's Day celebrations wind down, spa coupons expire, and special discounts end, a weariness may begin to set in as mamas face the seeming sameness and smallness...
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Sheryl Jacob  |  April 14, 2022
Do you ever think about heaven?  I think a lot about heaven.  I have envisioned heaven as a massive family reunion minus the undesirable tension usually attached to family gatherings. ...
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Deborah Sybil  |  January 28, 2022
Aim for the sky and you will reach the clouds is a popular saying. But what remains unsaid in the saying is that between the ‘aiming’ and the ‘reaching’ there...
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Susan Narjala  |  January 11, 2022
“In 2022, I want my first trip to be either Iceland or Greenland. But now that I checked my bank account, it’s going to be Neitherland.” Those lines came from...
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Priya Gordon Clarance  |  October 22, 2021
I was in my late twenties and had been working for about seven years at a speech and drama centre for children. I loved every bit of it - the...
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Tiya Thomas-Alexander  |  February 24, 2021
It is the beginning of 2021 and I am writing this during the third national lockdown in England. Writing narratives from the middle of things can be risky because there...
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Susan Narjala  |  January 7, 2021
As I write this post, it’s the last day of a year that has almost turned into a cuss word – and, boy, I’m tired. I’m so darned tired that...
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Vaniz  |  October 23, 2020
In my teen years, I admired the love that Jacob had for Rachel, the younger daughter of Laban. This is a story found in the book of Genesis. Jacob was...
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Susan Narjala  |  October 6, 2020
If there’s one word that’s tossed around in Christian circles, like glitter at a 7-year-old’s Unicorn-themed birthday party, it’s the term, “breakthrough.” We pray for it. We believe it’s coming....
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