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Tiya Thomas-Alexander  |  July 31, 2023
Recently I panicked that I had become a cultural Christian. The transformative work of the gospel seemed detached from my everyday life. I didn’t feel a part of a bigger...
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Kelley  |  July 27, 2023
“Theology doesn’t matter. Only loving Jesus is important.” This is a popular remark in Christian circles, yet one in desperate need of re-examining. The heart of many who make this...
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Ruth Davidar Paul  |  March 19, 2019
  There are many things one can write about caring for one’s soul, but the one that comes to my mind is the habit of reading poetry. I’m honestly not...
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Shobana Vetrivel  |  February 13, 2019
A friend asked me sometime last year to recommend a few good books on theology written by women. The question threw me off a bit because I had to think...
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Deepa David  |  August 31, 2018
I clearly remember holding my grandma’s hand and walking into the DOULOS ship. I remember being in awe of their book fair and I remember her buying me my very...
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Ruth Davidar Paul  |  August 22, 2018
I found the above quote on Pinterest a while back and immediately pinned it to my board titled "All Things Bookwormish." I wondered what to write about this month, this...
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Susan Narjala  |  August 16, 2018
A few years ago, I was super amped to go to a Chris Tomlin concert with my family. After an energetic rendition of “God’s Great Dance Floor,” there was a...
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Adrienn  |  August 13, 2018
I first learned to read upside down, at the age of four or five, sitting across the table from my older cousin who was doing her summer homework. Ever since...
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Roshni Mathew  |  August 9, 2018
I am partial to Anand Mahadevan, the author of the book Grace of God and Flaws of Men. Apart from being my pastor, Anand and his wife, Ajitha, have mentored my husband and...
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