Deepa David  |  August 31, 2018
I clearly remember holding my grandma’s hand and walking into the DOULOS ship. I remember being in awe of their book fair and I remember her buying me my very...
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Adrienn  |  August 13, 2018
I first learned to read upside down, at the age of four or five, sitting across the table from my older cousin who was doing her summer homework. Ever since...
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Shobana Vetrivel  |  August 6, 2018
Sleeping Murder was the first Agatha Christie book I read. I can still vividly recall every detail of that reading experience. I was about 10 or 11 years old, my...
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Kim W Freeman  |  August 3, 2018
Unlike many of my bookish friends, I was not a voracious reader as a child. Sure, I would go to our school library and check out a book every week,...
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