Roshni Mathew  |  November 14, 2019
The Christian response to bosses and authority should be to submit, obey, and follow, right? That is what I thought too and I struggled for a long time because I...
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Roshni Mathew  |  September 24, 2019
I was at the Saturday evening service at my church in Delhi, when this guy walked up to me after church, extended his hand, and said to me - “Hi,...
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Roshni Mathew  |  August 9, 2018
I am partial to Anand Mahadevan, the author of the book Grace of God and Flaws of Men. Apart from being my pastor, Anand and his wife, Ajitha, have mentored my husband and...
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Roshni Mathew  |  May 13, 2018
Diana, or Wonder Woman as she is generally known, was raised to be the strongest warrior by her aunt, the sister of the Queen of an isolated and secret island...
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Roshni Mathew  |  June 19, 2017
Dear Thatha (a tamil word meaning grandfather), One of my earliest memories of you is how you used to tell me stories to put me to sleep at 1 am...
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Roshni Mathew  |  May 20, 2017
When I was about 16 or 17, someone at church told my parents that their neighbours were giving away their dog (for free), because he was being too loud. My...
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Roshni Mathew  |  April 28, 2017
I started dating in my mid-teens. I made several silly choices which led me to experience physical and emotional relationships waaay before my time. I have a past which is...
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Roshni Mathew  |  February 28, 2017
I hate confrontation. I remember when I was a teenager, being confronted by my dad or mom meant awkward conversations which would end in me trying to defend myself and...
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Roshni Mathew  |  January 30, 2017
The day he asked me out, on 16th August 2012, he quoted these words to me, “Wanna pack your bags, something small Take what you need and we disappear Without...
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