Author: Priyanka Rawat

Priyanka Rawat  |  August 21, 2015
I ran that day, and I was anxious. I sprinted through the door of my house and climbed down the very well acquainted stairs, being careful of the small craters...
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Priyanka Rawat  |  May 26, 2015
Most of the essays I wrote while growing up were about my mother, my father or my best friend. I never gave  much attention to my brother. Although if I...
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Priyanka Rawat  |  February 16, 2015
If I pull together all the strings of my childhood memories, it can become a thick rope, which almost strangles me if I get caught in it for too long. My...
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Priyanka Rawat  |  December 18, 2014
My idea of Christmas was challenged as I began to have a closer look at my faith. For 18 years of my life I believed that Christmas was like Diwali....
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Priyanka Rawat  |  August 25, 2014
One of the hopes that my mother carries in her heart is that she wants to be a bird in her next life. I see her observing birds in the...
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