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Vaniz  |  August 31, 2021
All of us, nearly every day, either benefit through words spoken kindly to us or experience pain due to words used harshly and carelessly against us. The Bible has many...
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Susan Narjala  |  November 6, 2017
The kids were with the grandparents for the night. Which meant we had the perfect opportunity to catch a movie in an actual theater, eat out without cutting the chicken...
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Maria Joy  |  May 31, 2017
An incredible thing about words is that they have the power to make us, just as much as they can break us. Another incredible thing is that they live on....
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Pauline  |  March 8, 2017
As Indians, we are used to all sorts of unsolicited advice and candid remarks -- from welcome and unwelcome sources -- especially about our physical appearances.  We receive ‘muft  ka...
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Ruth Davidar Paul  |  May 12, 2015
“Better to live on the corner of a roof than to share a house with a nagging wife.” Proverbs 25:24 I don't think any of us would consider ourselves to...
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Susan Gordon  |  April 21, 2015
Let me be honest, I like to be the one with the smartest comeback in the room. I am an easy going, fun-loving, joke-cracking, laughing-my-heart-out-for-silly-jokes kind of person. I quite...
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