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Tiya Thomas-Alexander  |  August 26, 2022
We almost always have a full home and people around the table. It fills my heart to the brim. But it also exposes me for who I am: a grumbly...
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Deborah Sybil  |  August 9, 2022
When I was 14 years old we moved to a different city where my parents rented a little house in the outskirts. The house had a little gate leading to...
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Ceenu Jebaraj  |  December 3, 2021
My childhood memories of Christmas day brim with waking up to the inviting smell of a delicious breakfast that my mother would pour her love into. While we could always...
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Ceenu Jebaraj  |  December 20, 2017
Sparkling streamers on the wall and a brightly lit Christmas tree in the corner of the living room. That was the modest decor of my childhood Christmas memories. Some years,...
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Deepa David  |  December 1, 2017
The first time I tried this mutton curry I felt so warm and cozy inside. My cousin-brother's wife had come to visit me in Dallas when I was sick and...
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Deepa David  |  March 13, 2017
Just before we left the US to come back to India, I was hurriedly collecting "American" recipes to try out in India. Here's one: the chocolate chunk magic cookie bars....
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Janice Singh  |  December 19, 2016
When it comes to the Christmas season, indulgence can be forgiven (wink). After many rounds of hits and misses, trial and error, searching through various recipes and failing, I finally...
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Deepa David  |  September 29, 2016
Initially, this post started out as a well manicured little note on community. I had lofty ideas on writing about the Israelites as a community during their time in the...
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Roshni Mathew  |  March 7, 2016
Uttara and I have been friends since 2008, and one of the joys we share is eating good food. We became friends when she came to visit her aunt on...
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