Susan Narjala  |  February 8, 2024
Brave Is not being unafraid But trying even while you tremble with fear; Sometimes, it looks like standing on a stage, In other moments, it is journaling in silence.  ...
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Lothunglo Mozhui  |  January 24, 2024
My name is Lothunglo Mozhui. I lived in Delhi since I was a little girl, and in 2013, my family decided to move back to Nagaland (the land of my...
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Ishnita Nayantara Keskar  |  March 31, 2023
For the past couple of years, the beginning of March takes me back to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown. While the pandemic was being spoken...
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Shiphrah Lakka  |  March 25, 2023
She rises early, before the sun, to ensure her household tasks are done. She's a loving mother, a hard-working wife, she does them good, all the days of her life....
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Deborah Sybil  |  March 17, 2023
When I consider how my light is spent, Ere half my days, in this dark world and wide, And that one talent which is death to hide Lodged with me...
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Lydia Fisher  |  December 22, 2022
You came Quiet and unassuming, Though heaven’s angels Revelled in your birth Making it known To the lowly shepherds. In humble surrounds You took your first breath. Son of God,...
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Susan Narjala  |  December 16, 2022
I want to reclaim Christmas From the grasp of malls and sales, Would You redeem my moments? So they become what You entail.   I want to reclaim Christmas From...
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Shruti Rajkumar  |  December 28, 2020
If you could change anything in this world, what would it be? Would you be rid of poverty? Or greed? Would you wipe out all the “wicked” people and set...
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Ruth Davidar Paul  |  October 12, 2018
  When I think of the word ‘meditation’—given my Indian upbringing and context—it conjures up images of sanyasis and gurus in orange robes, sitting cross-legged with eyes closed, either on...
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