Exactly as God Wanted!

Angelina David   |   December 22, 2018 

Christmas truly gets more meaningful when you see it through the eyes of a child. Since becoming a mama to my two little boys, there is a fresh excitement in my heart every time we gather around the lit tree each evening for our family devotions and advent calendar tradition as the holiday season rolls in. Last evening, as we were reading the Christmas story for the umpteenth time with my little ones, I had what I call a "God moment!" We watched as Mary and Joseph, just a regular couple in a busy moment in time, travelling to Bethlehem while she was heavily pregnant, fulfilling God’s divine plan and His promise that His precious son would be born there.

It was then that it struck me - there are no mistakes, no errors that happen when God is in the story! All the detours, delays, disappointments and dissatisfaction mean something when God is in the picture and when you love Him and are called according to His purpose. While there would have been times Mary and Joseph wondered what was happening, we see them simply trusting  in the God who gave them His word that their son would be the Son of the Most High God (Luke 1:31-33).

I like to think that this strong assurance of a future and promise not seen, this hope if you will, is what kept them going amidst all the chaos of having to be away from their home and not even find a decent place to have their new born.  We watch in wonder the celebration that took place, of shepherds from the fields around, of wise men who sought the baby King and of angels who sang God’s praises!

Fast forward many years later, Mary and Joseph and all the characters in the nativity story are viewed as heroes. But in that moment they all played their part, trusting that God would keep His word just as He told them and kept going, fulfilling God’s word and making history.

What an important reminder for us to ponder in our hearts as we prepare our hearts and homes and reflect on the joy the season brings. I know it’s a busy time of the year for most of us as we get ready to host and greet, feast and treat. I hope and pray that in the midst of it all, we will stop and know that right now we are at the right time and place where God wants us. As He writes our story, may we embrace the chaos with contentment knowing that He has it all and that it will all turn out beautifully in His time.

Scripture tells us in two places that Mary kept these things in her heart and pondered them (Luke 2:19, 51). Likewise, I hope we can also carve out some time to ponder and reflect on the happenings in our lives particularly as we come to the close of 2018 and await the start of a new year and trusting God is in perfect control and is writing our story, exactly as He wants.


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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Angelina David

With a background in clinical psychology and experience in programme management, Angelina is now a stay at home and supports the administrative aspects of a primary school in Kanyakumari alongside her husband. She enjoys the beach, coffee and lots of family time!

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4 comments on “Exactly as God Wanted!”

  1. Amen! A powerful reminder to trust in God whole heartedly and move on in faith,knowing that God is in control!! I loved reading this.. May our Lord use your words to help touch many!! Much love to you Angel ????

  2. I've listening the sermon related to God's promise yesterday which is again related to this article. All the promise made by God is old testament is to Jesus and fullfilled by Him. All we had to do is Trust is Jesus and He will give the Holy Spirit to grow in Love and faith.

    Good article Angelina, keep in coming .

    1. Amen Binny! And what an assurance it is that this same God leads us even today! Blessings to you too! Thank you 🙂

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