The Silver Lining

Cindrella Prakash Asher   |   April 14, 2016 

silver lining

We’re urban women. We know our metros, trains, rickshaws, buses, Ubers and Olas. We know the best time to shop, the best restaurants to eat at and the best on-line deals. We know what we want, when we want it and where to get it from. We’re urban women. We've been taught to lead our lives in a self-reliant way. It’s cool, this age we get to live in. There’s technology all around us, there are a hundred options to lessen the turn-around time of absolutely anything we want. We’re urban women and we know it.

Some time back, as these thoughts ran through my head, I was puffed up with a little bit of pride. I'm almost 30 years old and I know I can live on my own, if I have to. I have survived a deluge, and that’s one of the greatest escapes of my life. (I'm sure somewhere Rani Laxmibai is laughing at that statement.)

As a girl raised in a Christian family, I was always taught that Christ is my Defence/my Shield. I have prayed that line many a times too. But not until recently did I grasp the fullness of that statement. And that began with a question – what is a shield? Now, as a urban woman, I admit I don’t know what a shield is. It’s a silver-coloured ‘thing’, made out of hard metal and used in wars. That's all I could gather. And that last part is what caught my attention.

You see, a shield has no value outside a battlefield. A shield has no identity outside a war zone. A shield has no power outside a fight. And it isn't only defensive, as I used to think of it! A shield is one of the many weapons of a warrior! In fact, a shield is probably the weapon that the warrior keeps closest to her heart. Now, doesn't that say something?

The truth is, if I acknowledge Christ to be my Shield/my Defence, I also need to acknowledge that I'm in the middle of a war! As comfortable as my Uber ride is, as luxurious as my lifestyle is, as vibrant as my daily life is, I'm in the middle of a deadly battle. But I realise I don’t often see this Shield because I don’t see the battle. I don’t tend to value the Shield because I don’t see the war.

But what is a follower of Christ battling against? What is a follower of Christ fighting? What does a follower of Christ need protection from? Satan would be the most common answer, but I've got another one. SIN! Most certainly in due course of time sin will lose its power over us, most certainly in due course of time we will overcome our temptations, most certainly in due course of time we will be free from the power of sin but until then, it’s war, baby girl! Till we see the glorious face of Jesus, we will continue to battle sin – both old and new.

Sin has the power to ruin us, to destroy us. Sin has the power to make us run and hide. But the even greater truth is that the only Person that can keep us from the bloodshed is our Shield, Jesus Christ. And as painful as it is, I want to grow in seeing my sin just so I grow in seeing, seeking and hiding behind my Shield, Jesus. I want to see sin staring at my face so I could run into the arms of Jesus Christ.

I'm not writing this post to sugar-coat sin but instead, to show us our DEFENCE, our ever-ready SHIELD.

The reality of our situation is that we are sinners. But the reality of every situation is that we have a Saviour and His name is Jesus Christ. The cross ensures that our battle is won.

It is this Shield that makes life worthwhile. It is this Shield that glamourises our urban life.

We’re urban women and I think we shouldn't step out without our Shield! We know we need Him.


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Cindrella Prakash Asher

Cindrella is married to a rock star, belongs to New City Church and works in a Public Relations firm in Bombay. She loves the old world charm of her city and refuses to call it Mumbai. She loves writing, making and listening to music and is a big foodie.

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One comment on “The Silver Lining”

  1. Thank you Cindrella for sharing this article, so true the Shield of Jesus Christ is protecting us day in and day out, the sooner we realise it the better for us.

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