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I have always loved to name things. When I was a young girl I had an impressive collection of stuffed animals that covered my entire full-sized bed and each one had a name. It seemed impersonal to play with them everyday and not call them by something other than ‘kitty’ or ‘bear’. So I dutifully named them one by one and tucked them in every night before I fell asleep. In my own little way, I wanted to honor their uniqueness and their significance to me, which is why I had a koala named Tennyson and a rainbow-colored cat named Vanessa. Naturally.

In my life I’ve named cars, businesses and of course, our children. The names chosen had to have special meaning to me– particularly when it came to our children. I believe what someone is called is important.

That’s why when it came to naming this blog I felt it had to be special. It needed to be distinctly Indian, beautifully feminine and our entire team had to love it. We spent weeks individually gathering ideas and passed a few along in emails as we made plans and dreamed about what this blog might look like. However, no name stood out as an early favorite.

Almost two months passed and there wasn’t even a hint of a name. We gathered again — each with our lattes and name offerings to throw into the hat. As each of us shared and I scribbled them all down on an old receipt. In the end, we eyed the list skeptically.

I pulled out my iPad with a list of Indian baby names that had meanings I liked. The week before I had seen the name Aanya which means “grace” or “gracious”. We liked the meaning and the way it sounded but we wanted something to go with it. As we scribbled some more variations until I finally wrote “IndiAanya” and when I said it out loud we all agreed without question we’d found our name.

It is our hope that in being true to our name, IndiAanya will be a space brimming with grace where you can come as you are and engage with a diverse community of women living all over India who want to share in this journey of faith together.

Our contributors come from all over India and even some from other countries, who like me, currently call India home.

So welcome to IndiAanya… let us know what you think. We’re glad you’re here!

– Kim

3 thoughts on “Our Name

  • maryasha_06@yahoo.com'
    August 4, 2014 at 9:23 AM

    Congratulations to the team!! It’s a fantastic concept and an awesome idea. Can’t wait to read the stories, experiences and fellowship that this blog is going to give birth to. And of course the encouragement and Hope that will follow. God bless you all.

  • Shannonreibenstein@gmail.com'
    August 8, 2014 at 7:23 PM

    Well done Kim. The site looks great. I’m so glad you have women writing with you. I pray it will nourish your souls. Love!

    • August 8, 2014 at 9:07 PM

      Thanks Shannon! We’ve had a great time planning and dreaming. It’s so nice to see it finally become a reality.


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