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IndiAanya was created to be a space where women in India can come and find authentic community . Our dream is that this would be a place where our stories of faith, hope and grace will be an encouragement to you.

Our team and contributors are a diverse group of women – mothers, wives, daughters, professionals, singles, dreamers, do-gooders and artists from all over India and some from outside India. Each month we’ll have a different focus and writers who will be sharing their experiences and insights.

And finally, a word about comments because it’s necessary. We’ve set up this blog with the hope that a conversation will begin and a community built. We respect the fact that everyone has an opinion, however our goal here is to build up and not tear down. As such we reserve the right to regulate comments. Constructive criticism is appreciated and welcome, but rude or derogatory comments will be deleted instantly.

So if this is your first visit have a look around. If you’ve been following us for awhile, we appreciate you reading along. Either way, we hope you’ll join the conversations and let us know what you think.

The IndiAanya Team

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